Our smartphones play an extremely important part in our day to day lives, making it extremely easy and convenient to carry out daily tasks, that would otherwise, seem time-consuming. Every product needs to be maintained from time to time and servicing the same might be needed, as our devices face various challenges, especially when exposed to the elements, such as dust, heat, moisture and tear. Visit our Oppo service centre in velachery to get superior service for your oppo mobile phones. Maintaining and taking good care of your Oppo product will not only lengthen the time it effectively serves you and will ensure that you face little to no problems whatsoever.

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OPPO Mobile Repairs

  • OPPO Smartphone Screen Replacement

    It becomes extremely difficult to keep the smartphone protected at all times. A cracked screen may look shabby and unattractive, it also poses a serious threat to the longevity of the smartphone. A cracked screen makes your device susceptible to moisture and dust, which may find its way into your device, causing permanent damage to your oppo smartphone. Visit our Oppo service centre in Velachery.


    No matter how much ever we charge our cell phones, at the end of the day, we are always short of battery. The usage of our phones is no longer just restricted to calls and messages, our phones are also used for other tasks like clicking photographs, accessing social media, etc. Not having enough battery life can also put a halt on your other important works. If you are facing severe problems with the battery life then head to an Oppo Service Center in Velachery.

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